Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little Christmas decor

I wanted to share that we are trying, despite our busy lives, to decorate a bit for Christmas. I took pictures with my phone, so the color is poor, but everything does look very festive and sweet.

We hung our annual Oregon wreath on the front door. Daddy's mom sends us this as a way of adding a bit of Oregon into our holiday no matter where we might be. They are always beautiful and are one of my favorite things to receive.

We have our advent calendar that I bought on It is lovely and easy for little hands to handle and not break.

Stocking hung with care on the mantle. A handmade Christmas tree made from our Boy's sweet hands, and all of our annual Christmas cards displayed, showing our ever growing family over the years.

A little village on the piano...who Barbie is gracing with her presence.

We put a Charlie Brown train around the tree. Daddy said this was for the kids, but we know it was really about him. He loves it.

Our tree this year is a hodge podge of old and new and homemade ornaments. I love it.

We made a wreath snowman in the dining room...which turned out adorable. I have one to put up outside as well, but haven't, for lack of time. Maybe over the weekend.

We have our kids gallery hung with lots of Christmas crafts over our kitchen window and cards adorning the outside of our cabinets.

It really is a great season.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas 2

Such Good Cheer Holiday Card
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Cards are coming in....

I love Christmas. I love sending cards and writing out names and addresses of friends present and past. I also love getting Christmas cards and reading people's letters and seeing photos of how their children have grown, of their new dogs, and their new haircuts. It is so nice to feel those reminders of dear friends who you never get to keep in touch with as much as you want. I keep them year after year and try to go through the old cards at least once through the season.

If you haven't gotten a card this year, for one reason or is our card (in the next post, by way of Shutterfly...I love Shutterfly). Send me your address and I will get you added to the address book (I am still old school and don't have a "database").

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Party Animal

When asked today why she was trying to take the mattress off of her bed during play time, her response was simply "I was just wanting to party".

She is going to keep life interesting, fo sho!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Lists

We met Santa Saturday morning. Once a year the physicians in my practice host a Christmas brunch for families. Complete with delicious food, crafts, cookie decorating and a visit from Santa.

This Santa was exceptional in that he took a little time to really talk to the kids.

Boy was impressed by his "big black boots" and was very curious as to whether the reindeer and sleigh were on the roof. Santa let him know that he rode the Polar Express for this quick visit and would be off that evening to run things in the North Pole.
Boy told him that the Shelf Elf was at our house and that "I don't ever touch him".

Bluebird had a few sassy replies but I was not clear on what she was saying exactly.

Christmas Wishes:


A Bicycle
A giant robot ("how big, as big as you?" I said. He said "No, not this big, shorter, I want a short robot.")
A garbage truck
A Shark Toy

Wishes for boy from mom:

5T pants, not jeans
Long sleeve t-shirts (he hates long sleeves, but needs them)
Swedish Moccasins

Princess Dresses (or any fun dress up clothing)
Skateboard (mom says "not this year")

Wishes for Bluebird from Mom:
A doll
A tea set
Anything cute and girly for her room
Swedish Moccasins


She had no individual requests.

Wishes for Buttercup from Mom:

a doll
a doll house
Swedish Moccasins

Silhouettes of all children (the real deal, not decals)
A pair of boots from Steve Madden
White dishes and serving ware. (I really need a gravy boat)
Sterling silver ware (I am looking to collect mix and match sets)
I would love homemade ornaments from each of my nieces and nephews
Sewing machine with embroidery- Sewing lessons would be awesome too

Need: New laptop

NCAA football 2012 for XBox 360 (Not Madden)
Clemson water resistant pullover
Clemson Polo

Dream list for kids:
Pottery Barn farm chairs
Pottery Barn farm table
Pottery Barn train table with bins on casters

Doggy Snacks

We just can't figure out why the dogs follow this baby every where she goes? Any ideas?

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Our Elf on the Shelf, "Tiptoe" returned this year to kick of the season with a wonderful breakfast fit for elves. We were treated with Santa hats, ornaments, fruit, snow covered donuts, and flashing cups of juice and milk.

He also replaced all of our family photos with photos of himself. The kids thought that was so silly.

They were delighted.

Later we ate turkey and wild rice casserole and we put up the tree.

We are trying to watch a Christmas movie each evening and keeping lots of Christmas music playing.

Tomorrow we get the meet Santa at my company's annual Christmas brunch. I will let you know what the kids ask him for tomorrow.

I love this time of year.

Thanksgiving 2011

I was going to blog for Thanksgiving...but my sisters blog summed it up better than I could. So, to save is a link to all the great details.

Here are some of my pics: