Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As you all know...Boy loves wearing his cape. He wears a cape to sleep. I sneak in and take it off (always worried he might strangle himself while sleeping ;))...but the minute he wakes up, in his sleepy haze, he finds it and puts it back on.
I don't let him wear it to school though. To school he wears a collared shirt and pants and shoes and socks. I just want him to get into the habit of putting his best foot forward at school...and I also like how cute he looks in normal clothes. He immediately puts his Superman stuff on when he gets home though (provided he gets a "red apple", which he always does because he is my good boy).
Today when I walked into his classroom and hung his Superman backpack on his peg...he walked up to me with a foam square that had once held the letter "s". (you know, the foam letters that fit together like puzzles?). Anyway, he was holding this to his chest. He then went to the kitchen center and grabbed a Lowes Hardware apron and put it on backwards to create a cape for himself. My first thought was "how clever." My second thought was "really, you are going to hold that "s" to your chest?" And he least until I left.
What a very silly little boy I have!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

He is Risen. Happy Easter everyone!
Today we went on a long hike in the mountains...Bluebird wanted me to hold her the whole time (that's what we get for leaving at nap time)...we lagged behind a bit and as she rode on my shoulders, we looked at the beautiful view. We sang "Our God is an Awesome God"....I said "Bluebird, isn't this just beautiful?". "Beautiful", she said. I said "Bluebird, lets say thank you for all this beauty we get to enjoy everyday". "Thank you Jesus", she said.
This is what this life is all about.
Thank you Jesus!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Boy

Four years ago I gave birth to my first child. A beautiful baby boy. I labored naturally for 23 hours. The doctor said "Not many people could have done that naturally" when I was done. It was crazy and exciting and the last four years have been nothing less than that. He is a Mama's boy for sure. He loves to be snuggled. He is all boy! He loves super heroes, cowboys, trains, cars, bikes, dogs and dirt. He is a full energy, bumped, bruised boy. He is long, lean, loud and full of laughter. He is the tallest boy in his class. He can throw down a tantrum like no other. He is silly and constantly puts us into fits of laughter. He is smart and serious and focused and driven..but not always in the direction we are trying to point him in. We often redirect, and we also often learn from him....his interests come from his own accord...and he surprises us with them. He is shy but friendly. He is excited to share his toys and play along with other kids. He loves capes, rainboots, pajamas, hats and masks. He loves costumes. His favorite foods are banana bread and grapes. He still comes into our bed at least once a night. He loves his sisters and even though he sometimes torments Bluebird, he never forgets to hug her first thing in the morning, when he gets home from school and before bed. He says phrases like "sounds kind of spooky". "woopsie daisy", "talk about trashy" (anytme he sees garbage on street, "I am the hero", "I am NOT the bad guy", "Mommy is Mommy is happy", "Mom, you got to drive carefully", "if we be real quiet Mommy, maybe the dragons won't see us". Yes, quite the imagination. He likes to "sleep with my mom". He started calling me "Mom" just in the past few weeks...and it makes me a bit sad. "Mom" is what big boys say...and he is my baby.
My Boy! FOUR YEARS OLD! Happy Birthday! I love you.

Boy had three in Oregon with our family there, one at our house with family and friends, and another at his school. Here are some pictures of the parties: