Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do the Work

This is my husband. He is beautiful. I remember the first time I met him being awed by his deep focused eyes. Since that time he continues to awe me on a regular basis. His focus. His discipline. His sheer talent in almost everything. His love for our children. His love for me.

He is the face of many things. He is the face of Daddy to my children. He is the face of Dr. L to his college students. He is the face of Mr. L the art teacher. He is the face of Coach L, the track coach. He is the face of a loving son. He is the face of a faithful friend. He is the face of a baby brother. He is the face of my husband and he is one of the many faces of cancer.

Mickey was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It is a shock. It seems unfair. It seems we have had our share of stress. It hits us on the heels of hydrops and frankly, we thought life was finally settling down. Mickey recently finished his Phd, moved us to Kansas and we thought life was about to become boring, predictable and perfect. We are still processing this news with an array of different emotions. Mickey hasn't missed a beat and is doing as he always does, moving forward and solving the problem as best as he can without fretting over the stuff he can't fix.

Technical stuff:
It is not metastatic. He will have surgery to remove tumor on January 16 in Witchita by Dr. Noel Sanchez. He will have up to a week in the hospital and then 6-8 weeks recovery. The doctor was clear that this is no easy surgery and he should expect a hard road. After recovery from surgery, he will go on for approximately 6 months of chemotherapy (which he will get in Manhattan) He will get chemotherapy every 2 weeks for 3 days at a time. We meet with oncologist (Dr. Travis Koeneke) tomorrow. The treatments will be with curative intent.

We have a long road ahead but we are trying to view this new journey as an opportunity for growth. I frankly cannot see any way to have cancer and not become a better person because of it. I plan to let this new venture help me become a better spouse and partner. We are trying to see all the blessings that exist within this type of diagnosis. Although the lessons are hard, they are valuable and life changing.

As usual, Mickey prefers not to talk about all of this stuff with many people, so if you have questions or comments or advice, please feel free to email or text or message or call me. I will try to keep the blog updated with latest information to keep our friends and family informed. We are thankful for the outpouring of love and support that you all offer us so often. Please please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we move through this challenge. strong and courageous. Do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged , for The Lord God, MY God, is w you. He will not fail or forsake you....1 Chronicles 28:20. 

I love this verse because of two parts. I love that it says 'Do the Work'. and I love that it says 'My God". My dear friend reminded me that you have to put legs to your prayers. We must DO THE WORK. Its often hard work. The road ahead will be Hard work. It will be hard work for all of us but especially for Mickey. I have no doubts and I have complete confidence in his ability to Do the Work.  I also have no doubts and I have complete faith that the Lord, MY GOD, will not fail us.