Saturday, June 19, 2010

Special K

This is a video of my sister's journey that led her to her special daughter, my special niece.

". . . be aware that the other children of the world are your responsibility as well. You must learn to see them, to feel them, as yours."--Alice Walker

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sibling Love

When I was pregnant with Bluebird, I was worried about how Boy might be with a new sibling. He was still a baby after all and I was worried about jealousy.
It didn't take long before he started doing little things that proved to us that there is a built in love that one has for their siblings. When she would cry, he would reach over with his little baby hand and grab hers in his. It amazed me that a 16 month old could already possess the skill to comfort another human being.

One morning recently, Boy was laying in bed with Daddy and me...he said..."I love Buebird", "Bluebird is pretty", "Bluebird is a princess".
Daddy and I looked over at one another and smiled, there is nothing sweeter in the world than hearing your 3 year old boy say such sweet things about his sister.

And a few memories of Daddy and my siblings (who we love and miss sooo much):

C and me

B, me and C

The Losinski kids

Friday, June 11, 2010

Clemson Pride

A year ago when our family had just moved to SC, we were browsing a local sporting goods shop when Boy found a hat that he did not want to take off. Obviously, we were not fans of the Tigers, or the Gamecocks or any other SC we were not all too interested in purchasing a $10 Clemson hat for a 2 year old. However....he was so darn cute...

It made us laugh. In truth, I have never completely understood being a die hard fan of a school you never attended. And I certainly don't comprehend doing things like THIS even IF YOU DID attend the school:

A year ago we caved and bought Boy the Clemson hat!

...maybe it was foreshadowing....

A year later, I am proud to announce that sweet Daddy was accepted into the doctoral program at Clemson. His focus will be instruction and curriculum in special education. He has also been invited to work with the Clemson Life program, which is a live-on campus transition program that focuses on life skills, autonomy and preparing the students to enter the work place. We are very excited about this new phase in his life.

So.....we will let Boy wear his hat with pride, and maybe we will purchase a few more Clemson items before our first football game.

(but hopefully this "pride" will never translate into any full body tattoos)