Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sibling Love

When I was pregnant with Bluebird, I was worried about how Boy might be with a new sibling. He was still a baby after all and I was worried about jealousy.
It didn't take long before he started doing little things that proved to us that there is a built in love that one has for their siblings. When she would cry, he would reach over with his little baby hand and grab hers in his. It amazed me that a 16 month old could already possess the skill to comfort another human being.

One morning recently, Boy was laying in bed with Daddy and me...he said..."I love Buebird", "Bluebird is pretty", "Bluebird is a princess".
Daddy and I looked over at one another and smiled, there is nothing sweeter in the world than hearing your 3 year old boy say such sweet things about his sister.

And a few memories of Daddy and my siblings (who we love and miss sooo much):

C and me

B, me and C

The Losinski kids


  1. What a sweet post! Great pictures of O and E--I can feel the love. Excited to see little A or E2 join the fun. M looks just like O in that last picture.
    Love you, sister!

  2. Micks is the baby...I think O looks just like Mark in these child pictures. Mark is the one in the pink pajamas.