Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our trip out west

Most of you know that we recently ventured across country with our brood. Daddy was speaking at a conference in Seattle, so we were there for several days. We took those kids all over the city, enjoying Indian food and lots of other yummy things, checking out Daddy's old stomping grounds, riding on the monorail, participating in making a totem pole for the city, running through the ACT theater that Daddy used to manage, going to the fish market, buying art in the streets, the aquarium with my friend and her family, and then a huge friend dinner which combined mine and Mickey's old friends and lots of children.
We then drove to Oregon...and visited Daddy's family. We stayed at Daddy's brother's home and his sister and mother came over daily to play play play. I got to meet up with an old high school friend who lives in the very same city they do. Daddy and I enjoyed morning coffee and a movie date. Grandma hosted a Superman birthday for Boy since he turns 4 tomorrow.
Herds of deer would walk through Uncle's yard each morning. The weather was cool and a bit wet, but perfect for trampoline jumping and plenty of outdoor time.
On the way back to Seattle, we stayed with friends in Portland, where we enjoyed Zen (in a four kids in the household kind of way), wine, good food, and great company. They set us off to the airport with a delicious breakfast and lots of plans for our next visit.
Besides the fact that we got stuck in Dallas for an entire night, which I won't go into because it will only make me mad...
the entire trip was wonderful. The kids were well behaved and had a wonderful time. We hope to get back very soon!
Here are some pictures:

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