Saturday, February 4, 2012

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th haircut

Remember when I posted the adorable pictures of Bluebird's first haircut. She liked it too. She liked it so much that she then cut her own hair, a few more times. I know you are thinking that I am the fool that could have left scissors within her grab not once, but 4 more times. I DO accept the blame. The entire family was sick and we were not as attentive to the fact she took a bit longer on restroom breaks. I thought I had hidden scissors, but that girl is resourceful. She found scissors I didn't know existed including a small pair of eyebrow scissors at the bottom of my makeup bag. so...we did take her for a cute pixie cut (by the same girl who cut it the first time), but she managed to do one more little bald area before I think I finally put a stop to it (fingers crossed).
you can kind of see what she did the first time.
cut off both pony tails (one was obviously a smaller pony than the other)
final result...yes, her hair is now shorter than Buttercup's....but I must say, it is actually still quite cute. Good thing she has such a beautiful little face!!!

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