Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can't get enough of this girl

Every morning as I get ready for work, Bluebird sits in one of the sinks on the counter and noses through all of my things, primps, lets me fix her hair into cute pigtails, or whatever else I can manage to pull her super fine curls into...I love to add bows and I always tell her how pretty and special she is. For she truly is a special girl. So sweet and generous and thoughtful. A little mother.
Each night when we tuck her in, she always has us cover her with every toy she owns (and she knows if something is missing)...and when we check on her before we go to bed, we usually have to find her amidst all of her cuddly toys. The girl loves to cuddle.Before her morning cuddle ritual (where she taps the place beside her on the couch and says "Daddy, cuddle...cuddle Daddy") she will always make sure that her baby sister has a binkie or a blanket. Before she drinks her "chocla mulk", she always waits for Boy's cup in order to make sure he is properly served. One morning, Boy was insistent that I give him some "blue cereal" (blueberry shredded wheat)- Bluebird already had a pink cup full of cheerios and cereal is all the same in her sweet 2 year old brain. I watched as she emptied every piece of cereal out of her pink cup into a blue one...and said "here is some blue cereal Boy". Now, obviously, his name is not actually "Boy", and I use this for the purpose of anonymity...but Bluebird actually does call him "Boy". Quite cute. Just like everything else she does.
I never unload the dishwasher or put away groceries alone, Bluebird is always there handing me each item and saying "Tank you" after each one. If she drops something she always says "oops, sawwee". She says "scuze me" when she has to squeeze past you. The girl's sweet manners are adorable in every sense of the word. I seriously cannot get enough of her sweetness.
This morning I put a new bib on Buttercup, and Bluebird said "ahhhh, so sweet".

Every morning, after our primping is done, I pick her up, give her a big hug, and she looks into the mirror and says "bye bye bootiful"

Mmmmm...melt me!

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