Saturday, March 5, 2011

His American Idol is ME.

I like to watch American Idol. I started watching it the year I got married. I had heard of it...but thought it sounded dumb husband (then fiance') said "I bet you will like this". I was like "American Idol? nah"...but quickly learned it was the modern Star Search. I always loved Star Search. I am, five years later...still watching. I made it past Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara Lagordia (or whatever it was) I watch Randy, J.Lo and Steven Tyler. I must say, I enjoy it just as much.
The Man regrets ever introducing me to the show as he gets roped into recording it for me and watching it with me.
I heard a funny joke...
man: "I watched Idol last night and man, Paula Abdul looks awful"
lady: "That wasn't Paula Abdul, that was Steven Tyler".


Anyway, I was watching it last night and my sleepy boy was curled up by my side. I kept saying "Oh, she is pretty". to which he would reply "she is NOT pretty".
me: "oh, she is pretty"
Boy: "She is NOT pretty"
I finally said
"well Buddy, who do you think is pretty?"
Boy: "Mommy and Bluebird"

Be still my heart. I am raising the Boy right!

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  1. That is precious! Jonah has started telling me recently that he wants to marry me. It's so sweet and warms my heart:)