Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smokers are weird

Yes YOU!

To any of you "smokers" out there, that comment should come as no surprise coming from me.

Smokers are weird.
It isn't just that they choose to inhale toxic fumes into their bodies, choose to allow their teeth and nails to discolor, their hair, clothing, cars and furniture to stink, and to be controlled by a substance that way.

Yes, I said controlled.

I can recall a family member having to walk out of my sister's wedding reception several times to smoke...addiction calls.
I clearly have no tolerance for smoking.
I don't understand or tolerate so-called smoke breaks. PAID breaks in which one escapes to smoke. Why don't the rest of us get fresh air breaks and take 10 minutes every few hours to do our favorite thing, be- it walking around the building, shopping, having a beer.

My husband used to be a smoker...I can still see his nostrils flare and his eyes roll back as he inhales any time we walk near someone smoking. haha.
But he loved me and the idea of our family, and made his decision to stop the madness. Thank goodness.

I think he also got tired of having to walk out in the rain to get his fix.

My Grandmother stopped when she drove all the way to town, only to find out the price had gone up yet again. She has saved quite a bit of dough since then.

Florida is a no smoking in restaurant state. I remember the hoopla over it, but never gave too much thought because I get it...whoever thinks that the smoking section doesn't drift over to the non-smoking section is on crack.
In SC, that law is not enforced state wide...and I always get caught off guard when they ask, smoking or non? Say what? say, why do I think Smokers are "weird"???

The whole idea of "bumming a smoke". I see it all the time. Strangers. "Can I bum a smoke?"
How much are cigarettes these days? They are not cheap!
Would you ever "Bum" a soda, or snack from a stranger? Would you ever borrow 50 cents from a stranger?
Who does that?


Smokers have actually found a way to make "Bumming" seem civilized!

Where I work (being a cancer center and all) we have a no smoking policy and no smoking is allowed on premises.
So, the people upstairs just walk across the street to smoke.
Which annoys me because then our patients just see them across the street smoking and it still looks unprofessional....but anyway.....
A home owner across the street, who doesn't know any of them personally, felt sorry for them...and put up a little shelter and lawn chairs for them to sit in on their smoke breaks!!!

Who else thinks this is crazy?

Who else would set up a little smoking section in their yard for complete strangers?

All I can think of is that she must be a smoker!
Maybe this is her good deed for the people who will be filing her medical insurance one day when she is a patient of ours....

anyway...when I met my husband...he was across the room smoking and I remember thinking he looked so are a few others sexy smokers...

Not many others can pull this don't go smoking thinking you will come across as Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling...because you won't!
AND, trust me...choosing to smoke, it never ends well.

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