Friday, January 6, 2012

Dinosaur thigh highs anyone?

I enjoyed another perfect day with my kiddies today. I had so much fun leading Bluebird's class in reading and singing.

I made oatmeal cherry cookies and took a batch to the office. It seemed only fitting since I dehydrated the cherries with a dehydrator that was a gift from a dear co-worker. Buttercup helped me make cookies and she is starting to develop her raw egg tolerance, she loves the cookie dough as much as I do.

I then picked up the other monkeys and we went and found silly socks for "silly sock day" at school tomorrow. This is not easy because there just don't seem to be any silly socks for boys. We settled on a pair of ladies socks, but they have blue and green "dinosaur stripes". They go all the way up his thighs. So tonight, Boy ran around in thigh highs and underwear and roared like a dinosaur.

Bluebird has been having a hard time getting in bed and STAYING in bed....she comes downstairs and then cries and tells me how she just wants to snuggle me. Seriously, how does one argue with that?
What is more interesting is that when I put her to bed, she is in PJs, but when she comes downstairs, she is always in some church dress with some sort of sweater. When I go upstairs to tuck them in one last time before I retire to bed...she has changed into another dress. Instead of sleeping, she is upstairs doing costume changes. Between her love of tattoos, her taking the mattresses off the bed for "partying" and her wardrobe changes, maybe the girl really is a rockstar....

Here's some photos of the rugrats this afternoon. What a beautiful day it was! (except a bit too hot in January for my taste).

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