Sunday, March 18, 2012

Florida Invasion

My grandfather turned 90 years old and we wanted to celebrate this very special day with him.  We decided to head to Florida for a quick trip to go to his party. However, as you will see below, we filled our quick trip with exciting activities at every turn.

We flew in on Wednesday and flew home on Monday. The flights went smoothly (we are fortunate because so far, our kids LOVE to fly).

On Thursday, the big kids went horseback riding with my mom and step dad. Daddy and I took Buttercup and met my dad and his family for lunch. That afternoon, I took the kids and met my dear friend Jerry and her grandson, Maddox. Maddox and Boy share a birthday, only 1 hour apart. They call themselves birthday buddies.

Birthday Buddies

Thursday evening Mickey took the kids swimming in my mom's ice cold pool. Funny how kids don't care how cold it is.  My brother came to my mom's house and we ate Pa Ken's famous wings. Yum-O!!! He has the perfect blend of spicy and sweet and when I get the recipe, I may post it (if he will let go of his secrets).
My brother played with the kids and they think he is the funniest guy ever.
Thursday night my dear friend Jenny came over with her girls and it was a joy to watch the kids play. Jenny and I met at the bus stop when I was 6 and she was 5. We have been friends ever since. Her youngest daughter is only 3 months older than Bluebird, so we have big hopes that their friendship will last as long and be as close as ours is.
After the kids went to sleep, Jenny and I went to a local wine bar and sipped on wine and ate truffled popcorn. We ran into an old neighborhood friend and chatted the evening away.  love friendships that can pick up where they left off and they never truly have any gaps. Jenny and I talk every morning, but the friend we ran into has not seen us in 18 years. Life keeps moving and you just move with it, but the loves and friendships you create along the way are always there waiting for you.
On Friday, we had a Disney adventure. It was a great day. Jenny and her girls met us and so we had 5 adults (me, Daddy, Pa, Mamatoo, and Jenny) and 5 kids. I really focused the majority of the trip on kids only...and it made for the a mostly smooth trip. The kids got to meet 4 princesses and Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. I was disappointed the Rapunzel and Woody's lines were so long, but the kids did not seem to mind missing out on them. We also rode about 12 rides. We had such a lovely day that we decided that Disney will be something we try to do more often on our trips home. 
After Disney, if you can believe it, I had my mom drop me off in downtown Lakeland, where I changed clothes and went and watched my brother's Improv Addicts. They were funny and it was really great that I finally had the opportunity to see him perform. My brother is hilarious (and I am not just saying that because he is my blood). The guy has a true talent for making people laugh. 

Saturday my mom and Pa Ken took the kids to T-Rex Cafe and Daddy and me took my Dad's wife and son to lunch. On Saturday night, the entire Johnson clan (I have a big family) all met at Red Lobster and ate dinner and caught up. Buttercup was cranky and tired so Daddy had to sit in the corner and get her to sleep. She finally faded and we enjoyed our seafood. The big kids had a great time laughing with Uncle Bo the entire evening. I have never seen them laugh so hard.

On Sunday, I made Sunday dinner for the family and then we all headed to the church to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday. Almost all of my cousins were there, with the exception of three. We had a great time letting all the extended cousins run around and enjoy each other. I am so fortunate I have a healthy grandfather and I plan to live to be 90 myself. 
After the party, the church allowed us to have a special dedication service for Buttercup and my grandfather got to dedicate her. This was very very special.

I felt blessed to be home and have all the time filled with people I love. We truly had a wonderful time.


crying at Disney World...classic

don't you love the pirate face

Mamatoo and herboy

same smile

my baby

born friends

my princess


strong man protecting the princess

I love the way her leg is kicked up here

Add caption

with Uncle Bo, Uncle Peter, Grandma Yi Min, Crazy Pa


Dedication Day

cousins. My cousin Jon's son Isaiah, My cousin Tasha's son, Zane and Boy

Monday morning we made the flight home. It was nice to be back in the brisk air and sit in our cozy home, where we immediately napped. But we miss Florida already.

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