Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planning the Toy Story party

I am sure that I will post regarding the Toy Story 5th Birthday party we are planning for Boy. I was sure he was going to want a Dinosaur party, and then he briefly said something about another super hero party...however, he finally decided on Toy Story. When Boy was 2, he loved Woody and dressed in a cowboy hat all the time. It seems his interest has shifted to Buzz lightyear. I never had a party in the cowboy theme because it didn't work out, so I was excited to be able to play on this theme and bit. There are lots of great ideas out there. We decided on a Brunch because my cousin will be working that night and wanted to attend. I love food. I love cooking and eating and I want to make sure that the kids AND adults will love eating, so the menu should be fun.
The plan so far is good food, coffee and some of the herbal lemonade that my cousin and I have made into an art.
I am not a game girl...but I saw some stuff on pinterest involving PVC pipe guns that shoot mini marshmallows, and a black light room, and a pinyata...all which sound like good fun.
A trail mix and candy bar, or both.
I went to and got great prices on plates, cups, tattoos, cowboy hats, badges and stickers.
Usually our parties consist of kids running around in the yard, playing on the swings and slide and driving the jeep. We were going to rent a bouncy house this year, but the price was the same as a trampoline, so we bought a trampoline (photos to come).

I am excited about the party as it is starting to come into motion and when it is done, I will be sure to post all the great things I actually do...haha

In the meantime, I wanted to brag on me and my fabulous hubs for the invite. I had this idea (not even from pinterest) of a invite on an etch-a-sketch. I sketched it out for my husband, with a Woody, Buzz and Rex...he went even further and added Boy into the image as well. He then literally made it look like an etch-a-sketch single line drawing. Hooray for creative husbands and Adobe Illustrator.
It took him about a half hour to create, then I printed on white card stock at staples and the total cost was about $16.
Here it is:

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