Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flying High

This actually happened a few months ago...but I thought of it tonight and I just didn't want to forget it.

My sweet Boy. He currently loves all things Super Hero. He loves his cape. He loves sing out the tune to the Superman theme song...
da da da...dadadada....da.da.daaaaa.da.da.da.daaaaa.da.dadadadada...da.da.daaaa

(Did you get all that? haha)

I was sitting on the porch watching as he ran up and down the hill of our yard. He would get going fast with his arms stretched forward and his cape would blow behind him....over and over and over.

He came to me with a pretty good scrape to his knee. He asked me to "kiss it Mama" (because my kisses have ultimate healing powers).
I said "wow baby, that is a pretty good boo-boo, what happened?"

"I was flying too fast, Mama".

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