Friday, January 7, 2011

Snuggle me! Cuddle me!

This painting is an original of Daddy's. Isn't he a wonderful artist? He would disagree and say he is retired!
I know this one is special because it is Daddy and Boy.
This is when it all started....
Once upon a time this man was a rugged, starving artist who lived on Coca-colas and cigarettes... now living in the burbs, sipping green tea and can often be heard singing tunes best known from the Wiggles.
I like to say I can take the credit for this transformation...and it all started when he fell head over heels in love with me (wink ;)) ..and I suppose, that was the beginning....but I can honestly say that this man is absolutely, 100%, head over heels for his children.

I have mentioned in previous blogs the way that Daddy loves to cuddle with his kids. Boy likes to say "Snuggle me, Snuggle me". Bluebird says "Daddy, cuddle...CUDDDDDLLLLEEEE".

The other night I walked into the bedroom and Daddy and Buttercup were laying side by side...with there bodies positioned just the same and I had to take a mental picture and try to memorize this beautiful moment. She looked exactly like him.

Boy's sleep patterns change all the time and his most recent pattern basically has him waking at 3am and coming into our room. Daddy will then take Boy and they go to his room for the rest of the night, giving me and Buttercup the entire bed to ourselves.....which I must say is quite nice (even though I miss Daddy's "soothing" snoring..haha).
Boy ran in the other morning and said "I slept with Daddy last was so nice and cozy".

I must admit, I give him grief. Strangers stop him and tell him what an amazing dad he response to that is -what?? just because you are out with your three kids, doing what mom's all over the world do every day...and you get a great dad compliment? How many women with their hands full get complimented? None. In fact, I think I have gotten scornful glances from people wondering why one earth I have three kids under three and don't I know what causes that?
Yes, he does what ALL Dad's should be doing. He takes an equal role in parenting, but he also takes his role a step further and he does a damn good job at it. In fact, I often think he is better at this whole thing than I can ever imagine being.
No wonder strangers stop him...a sexy, rugged, ex-artist, no longer starving, green tea drinking, volvo driving (with three car seats in it), baby wearing, GOOD dad.
No, I take that back. He is not a Good Dad, he is a GREAT dad.

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