Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Madness

A week of birthdays!!! My birthday was the 4th, then Buttercup turned 1 on the 7th and then Bluebird turned 3 on the 10th. It was a crazy busy week. the photos and posts will be all out of sequence because I am just taking things one day at a time.

Of note...we have a niece who shares a birthday with me on the 4th, our sister had a birthday on the 11th...and if that wasn't dad's fiance celebrates her birthday on the 8th, and her son shares a birthday with Bluebird on the 10th. So when I say "Birthday Madness"...I truly mean it.

Above are a few pics of Buttercup on her birthday. More to come in the next few days.
I can't believe she is ONE! Time flies. She is pretty much only walking now...she has always been a bit dainty and thought crawling was too much effort, and walking seems to suit her better. Even though she still wants to be held about 90% of the time. This child is the cutest thing ever, and it is a good thing, because she is so tiringly needy, that the only thing that keeps us from pulling our hair out is that sweet toothy smile.

My mom and her husband came up for a few days to celebrate the girl's birthdays. They didn't get to stay for our apple party, but they did get to attend the kids school, where we had special snacks in honor of our sweet Bluebird. I wanted to do something that would mean something to Bluebird without isolating the boys in her we went with Scooby Doo! Bluebird loves Scooby Doo (too much I think) and it seems the other kids feel the same way. My mom and I made tie dye cupcakes. They were tie dye with four different fluorescent colors of cake...we had so much fun making them. We thought it was a hilarious twist on the mystery machine and all that, even if the kids didn't fully get it. On the way to the school, we stopped by Wilson's 5 and dime to get the Scooby Doo rings...we figured we needed 28 Scooby Rings. 14 for Bluebird's class and 14 more for Boy's class (yes, we let his class celebrate too)...we found 24 easily...and then...oh no, were there no more. I felt the stress ball in my chest as we searched and no avail. I started trying to think of alternatives...But anyone who has kids knows that you can't succeed in giving a few 3 and 4 year olds something different from the just isn't a good idea. Then my mom's husband (who had been out in the car searching for his cell phone, and thankfully found it and came inside to see what was taking so long) decided to give things a new eye...he turned over the cupcake rings, with rings all over the floor, we successfully left with 29 Scooby rings. WOO HOO! My mom said "Thank you Jesus". Now, I am not convinced Jesus was invested in whether or not we found enough Scooby rings for our tie dye hippie cupcakes...but if he was, I am thankful also. So Jesus, thank you...and also a thank you to whoever ordered the rings, and to all the people who decided not to do Scooby Doo cupcakes this week.
Now you may wonder why I needed rings in the first place...well...let me tell you.
Last spring I made Superman cupcakes with Superman rings...and I heard a kid say "yea, his mom puts the rings on the cake" decided then and there to try to always put rings on cupcakes. The kids love it.
The kids in Bluebird's class greeted her so sweetly with birthday hugs and so much love. They had a banner for her and her teacher held her in her lap and they all sang and prayed for her. She was a bit embarrassed and shy...but it was very special. THREE!!! Where did the time go? Just three years ago I was spending night and day in the NICU with a 3 lb princess who couldn't breathe and trying to navigate all the tubes around so I could hold her fighting little self close to me. And now here she is, strong, brave, and perfect.
For that, I say...Thank you Jesus! for I know without a doubt that divine intervention brought our baby home safely.

So here are some photos of our special treat at the school...

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  1. I had no idea that there were complications when she was born. She is an absolute doll. Now I have to "google" cake rings and see what you are referring too!