Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chair Re-upholstry Project #1

I wanted one Queen Anne chair to do this project on...and found two. I would like to take credit for the work...but truly, it was all Daddy. I bought the chairs on craigslist for a steal...I went and picked them up, working with two nice gentlemen to cram them into my mini van, and then I picked out the fabric at Hobby Lobby. I LOVE the fabric. After that, my job primarily consisted of critiquing and "micro-managing". Daddy put all the elbow grease and work into this project. It was more work than we anticipated, which is one reason we haven't started the second chair yet. We both agree however, that this will not be our last re-upholstry project.
I need to find the perfect fabric for the other chair (you know me, I would hate for anything to match or be the same). I would love to find something with dots...and maybe that nice plum color in the new fabric.
Here are pics.


A lot of just isn't as simple as it looks...lots of numbering and stuff. At one point we actually had made piping with slipcovers for the arms, but our sewing skills are novice at best, and it just wasn't looking "store bought"...I like to DIY but I don't want it to look too DIY, ya know.

Isn't this fabric dreamy? I LuuuuV it!

And of course, no chair is complete in my house unless it is covered in monkeys. (don't worry, we Scotch Guarded)


  1. It is beautiful. Great job! Sometimes micro-managing and critiquing is an overlooked piece of the puzzle:)

  2. Love the fabrid--so YOU! Can't wait to see the pair!