Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall breeze, Muscadines and Looove!

Right now in the "Upstate"
Fall is in the air and Muscadines are plentiful.
They are ripe and Sweet.
A Burst of flavor in your mouth.

I have a method for eating them.
I find the skin is bitter, so I pop the whole thing in my mouth, then discard the skin quickly.
Then put the fruit between my lips and my teeth, and I suck the fruit into my mouth, leaving the seeds on the other side of my teeth.

It seems complicated, but sometimes the best things are. Right?
They are worth the effort.

How do you eat a muscadine?

On a side was very hard to write about enjoying muscadines without sounding crude and sexual...which is embarrassing...and I had to delete several lines of this because I knew that to the wrong (or right) mind, it might sound like I was talking about something else....and apparently, I might be of that mind as well.

Anyway, I take that as a way of saying...
Serve a big bowl of these muscadines to the one you love!!! Enjoy the fall breeze and a little romance. Have a good evening.

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