Saturday, February 26, 2011


So....have you ever been in a situation where someone just completely railroaded you...and you tried to stand up for yourself, but they just wouldn't take no for an you just complied.
A few years ago I went into a little salon in s. Tampa. I was looking to get my eyebrows waxed...the lady was all fancy about it. She "took my measurements" so that they could always have my measurements "on file", blah blah blah. I went to check out and she said "that will be $62.00". OK...My mouth dropped! I could tell my all her fancy schmancy measuring that she would cost more than the usual $11, but I was desperate and figured at most, it would be 25 bucks.
I paid...I went to my car. I cried.
Why didn't I ask the cost ahead of time? Why did I assume it would be reasonable?

So...this month I have been dealing with a tricky situation that in hindsight reminds me of that day...but is so much worse. There was this lady that I scheduled an appointment for something else with. I asked for a quote and she was very reasonable.
I scheduled...but later she became associated with me in another way. I witnessed first hand how terrible she treated others. ..and I would listen as she berated other people, and would be impatient and down right rude.
A friend told me to cancel....that I did not want to get involved with this lady.
I wanted to cancel my appointment, but frankly, I was a little nervous, as I told my mom...she may be very rude, but I am not. So I will keep my appointment, buy a few products and not reschedule any future appointments.
Plus, I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the other situation was very stressful and she wasn't being herself.
So...I showed up and she was sweet as could be. Until I mentioned that I only planned to spend $100. "Well" she said matter-of-factly, "it will cost at least $500 to get all the products you need" I said "well, I will just have to buy a few things, because I will not spend that today".
I didn't talk about anything personal through the appointment. Can you imagine...I am usually such a blabber mouth about my kids and work and life? But I didn't want to mention my life, or our other connection because I just wanted to keep these things separate.
During the visit, I resolved to buy 3 things, and not go over $150 (notice, I am already giving in to her). After we were done, she sat me down and had a bunch of items (all without price tags)...all things that I could not do without. I said, "I am on a budget, I am a single income home with three children, a husband in college, a son that is starting school and a vacation coming, I can't buy all of this. I will buy these few things and I should not go over $200".
(yes, now I am up to $200)
She seemed completely put out by me. PUT OUT, because I was ONLY spending $200!!!! She told me that I wanted to get this because....and I quickly replied "I may WANT a lot of things, but I am not buying more than this". I quickly added that already, the fact that I was $100 over what I anticipated would cause me stress and aggravation.
This clearly didn't phase her...because frankly, she didn't care what I wanted, what I needed, or about me as another human being. She wasn't going to take no for an answer.
She said, when would you like your future appointment. I said "well, I am leaving town next month for a while, so I will need to get back with you. "NO", she said, "I need to see you before then". She handed me my purchases (and my $200 credit card receipt)...she said "Ok, I made an appointment for three weeks, before you go, the appointment then will be $85. I also gave you some additional products that you NEED in your bag and you will just owe me an additional $90 when you come to see me at the next appointment! I have it all in your file". -note to self: Beware of people who keep a "file" on you!
My mouth dropped. "No, I don't need these, I don't want to pay or owe you an additional $90 and I am not sure that appointment will work with MY schedule".
"Don't worry about it" she said. "I WANT to take good care of you because you have been so kind to us".

I left, defeated!

She completely disrespected me, she didn't care about me, my family, my financial life...all she cared about was getting what she wanted out of the situation.
And me...I disrespected myself for letting myself just get plowed down by her. I should have stood up and said "NO" and walked out (the way I tell Bluebird to behave when Boy torments her)...but I didn't.

For an experience that should have been relaxing and enjoyable and all about doing something for was ruined, and miserable.

And now, I have to figure out how to pay her what I "owe" her and cancel all future appointments....ans still manage to stay kind in our other association.
This I vow to you, friends...I will not go back there and let this happen again!!!

Frankly, I must admit....I was warned!

Heed your friends warnings in the future. Trust me.


  1. This made my blood boil, just reading it! I have SO been there. And you're right. They don't respect you, they don't respect your family, all they care about are themselves. I HATE pushy sales people. Don't be mad at yourself. These people are trained professionals at ripping people off. Trust me. I bought 150.oo worth of household cleaners last week by a girl who convinced me I was helping her get out "of the hood." =( I have a feeling she just took my money and spent it on drugs.

  2. Thanks Melissa. That makes me feel good. I was never able to be a pushy salesperson...because frankly, I like people. I am thinking about just emailing, canceling my appointment and telling her a check is in the mail. The problem is...I am likely to see her again, and even though it isn't like she is busy making friends there, I don't want there to be "bad blood"...literally.

  3. Ugh... So sorry your little indulgence turned into such a stressful and expensive situation. Can't stand rude, pushy people! My advice is to have your husband call and cancel and take care of the dirty work. He can be nice and matter-of fact about it and he won't have any emotional involvement. Maybe he can even go in and settle up the account with her. Then if you see her again and she asks about you, just smile and in your sweetest voice say "I'm so sorry I wasn't able to go back for another facial. Like I said, the amount I spent wasn't in the budget and that husband of mine sure is a stickler about our budget! [roll your eyes and shake your head a little] But I love him anyway [get a dreamy, far away look in your eyes and sigh... ]" Then get distracted by something or someone and excuse yourself from the conversation.