Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Pwoblem!

So, Boy has recently started using the phrase "No Pwoblem".

The problem is, he doesn't really understand what it means.

I tried to tell him that "No Problem" means, "yes Ma'm I would be glad to"....and he adamantly replies:
"No Pwoblem".

Our conversations lately have been sounding like this:

Me: "Boy, you get in your chair and eat your dinner!"
Boy: "No Pwoblem"- as he stares at his plate

Me: "You need to take off your cape and get into the bath tub"
Boy: "No Pwoblem" - as he leaves his cape on and walks in the other direction

Me: "Boy, stop jumping on the bed!"
Boy: "No pwoblem" .leap.

Me: "Boy, give your sister all of your toys and a big kiss"

How is it that he can sometimes make being defiant kind of cute?

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