Saturday, February 19, 2011

To ride or not to ride...

...that was the question...

So. The hubs got an awesome opportunity to speak at an arts conference in his old stomping ground, Seattle. We decided to take this opportunity to make a visit to Oregon as well because when else will we be able to save hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket (Clemson is buying his), and the reason we don't visit more often is because it is so expensive to fly across the country with a bunch of children.
We are very excited to spend a few glorious days with the Losinski crew! Oregon is also beautiful this time of year, I think.

I want to talk about my husband, my husband that I love because he truly always wants to do the "right thing"...he is good, he is honest. (I feel I need to say those things before I tell you this awful story, haha)

I get stressed about finances, I think of purchases in terms of how many hours of work it is worth (i.e. is this coffee worth my time in hard work?) and that makes me a really bad person for the job. So he handles that stuff for the most part and he was in charge of purchasing the plane tickets.
He called me the other evening of his way home and said he had bought the tickets and everything was all set, yea!!!! BUT, we had a slight "hiccup" that would work out just fine.
Naturally, a "hiccup" meant that he must not be sitting directly beside us on one of the flight legs...maybe he is behind me, or catercorner (is that the right word? I have never written catercorner before, and if that is right, I think I have been saying it wrong all my life....I say catty-corner). main squeeze tells me that the "hiccup" to which he was referring was that he was on a different flight than me in the kids on the 6 hour Seattle to Dallas leg. NOT EVEN ON THE SAME PLANE!!!
A HICCUP!!! A Hiccup.
Let me tell you folks, that is soooo much more than a hiccup! I think the words that came out of my mouth first were

"you clearly do not know me and you do not love me!"

In hindsight, it was probably my fault. I have bragged on my sanity skills because I flew to FL with all three kids by myself...but he clearly overestimates me if he thinks I would even be willing to have a layover by myself and fly SIX hours (well, I wouldn't be alone, I would have three small children with me)....I know I have mentioned being insane before...but I not walked over the edge yet.

Let me give him some credit, he did offer to take the baby with him on the solo flight.....because the baby was the one I was worried about flying with.....laughing out loud (yea, I hate writing LOL...I feel a fundamental cringe and don't want that to be what my blog is about....but really, I am laughing out loud. LOL.)

well, anyone reading this knows that this just would not work for me...and a few hundred bucks (and many hours of hard work) later, we have it all straightened out and we are all flying across country together.

I am realizing though, that many things in this life are funny in hindsight and not so funny at the time...we will need to work on that.

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