Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yes, Superman is a theme in my household and therefore, a theme in my blogs!

this boy, who used to wear cowboy boots and a hat all the time, traded his boots for a cape about 5 months ago. He will take Batman or Spider-man as a conciliation prize, but his true love is Superman. He wants to fly and wears his cape and pretty much thinks we are punishing him if we make him change out of a Superman shirt. (and I am somewhat lax on such things). He has several sets of Superman pajamas, Superman underwear, a few Superman shirts, a cape and Superman rain boots. He has a Superman pillow, and toys...but for the most part, Superman is not as popular as Batman and Spider-man, so we have to grab things up as we find them. I won't dare get him Superman sheets or he would not let me change them, and laundry is hard enough to keep up with since he never wants to change his shirt.

He recently told my cousin..."Got my Superman shirt, My Superman belt, My Superman Cape, My Superman Boots" and then he pulled down his pants and said "MY Superman underwear!"

We give him "Superman haircuts", and feed him "Superman foods"...and so it is only fitting we throw him a Superman birthday party.

I am trying to plan the best 4th birthday ever. The boy loves Superman and so I just want to saturate our home in Superman for a Superman party. I have been trying to find someone to make the most awesome Superman cake...and I am planning to dress both of my girls in Superman fabric, and even looking for a Superman shirt for myself.

My friend Mandy at Chaos and Loving It is always very creative and even though they live in Ohio, I look forward to getting her birthday invitations. I asked her for some tips to make this party truly Super.

Well, she more than gave me advice, she is even gung-ho about helping me make capes and favors and invitations and super hats!!! She said she WANTED to do all of this hard work and it would make her HAPPY and the only thing that would make her happier is if she could come help me clean my house for the occasion.

I must say, what would we do without friends? Only a friend would WANT to come help you clean your home. (it is easier to say that when you are in different States, haha), but she is helping me get all this cool stuff done and now I am getting so excited I can hardly stand it.

I need to get a cake, and a banner and food and a pinata and I think I will be good to go.

The plan so far:

Super invitations

Super Cake and Super Food.

A Banner that is made of the Superman symbol saying Happy Birthday.

Capes for all the kids (and encourage them to wear their favorite costumes if they have them).

Centerpiece of green rock candy (Kryptonite)

An obstacle course ("Super hero training")

A Superman pinata (but not one that is the actual superman because I don't want to be saying "knock his head off kids!"

Superman party hats

Party favors with Super hero stuff and glow sticks

Lots of red and blue balloons and plates and table cloths, etc.

If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.

I am only bummed that I live so far from so many dear friends.

I mean, remember when we were all single or newly married and we lived near each other and saw each other all the time....and now we all have kids that are basically the same age, and we are scattered all over the country. It just doesn't seem right, does it?

OK, I will leave this with a few photos of our Superman insanity:

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  1. Pressures on now:) Can't wait. I'm working on the invites right now:)