Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This Boy. This Boy is the light of our lives. He came on a Wednesday morning. Everything changed that day. Someone once said that once you have a child, you let your heart walk around outside of your chest, and this is true. I have my heart in three little packages, living outside the protection of my chest.
this Boy is so loving and tender. He can be volatile at times, even hard to understand or know. But getting to know him is such a blessing. His hugs, his innocence, his is such a beautiful thing.
We have so much fun with him. Everything a little boy should be...he loves cars and robots and super heroes and star wars and cowboys and dogs...just perfect.
He also loves to dance and sing and can do the most hilarious little monkey dance. We use the table as a stage and he does his monkey dance and makes us laugh so hard.
He loves to be tickled. He loves to ride his bike. He loves to swim and spit water and get dirty.
I feel so blessed that this boy, this beautiful perfect boy is a part of my life.
There are lots of questions right now regarding him...but no matter what, he is always our BOY! My sweet, fun loving, interesting, lovable, cuddly, boy. Mine!

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  1. Love your Boy! He is so special and I believe God has big plans for his life. Praying for wisdom and direction and peace for you all! Love You!