Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Beginnings

Do you remember your first day of school?

I have always loved first days. New clothes. New shoes. New backpacks and pencils and paper. New beginnings.

I don't remember much about preschool. I lived in New Mexico and I think my preschool was in a lady's home. I think I recall a porch and making a potholder out of little red rocks and string.

I remember moving to Florida. I wore a blue button up shirt, navy blue skirt and some brown shoes with tassels. I felt so proud of those shoes.

I remember my first day of Sunday school. I got to choose which class to go to. One class had the boy I liked from school...the other class had my favorite friend. I chose my friend. That was a defining point in my life. I learned at a young age to make decisions without letting my heart get in the way. Sometimes I think it has served me well, and other times I think I should have let my heart guide me a little and not be so practical.

I remember my first day of high school. I wore jeans and a man's polo shirt with KEDS. and scrunchy socks and BIG hair...probably pulled into a scrunchy. haha

I don't remember my first day of college, or my first day of work...

It really is amazing all the firsts I don't really recall...but I am pretty sure I put the best foot forward on each of them. I have always been inspired by new beginnings and fresh chances at life.

They are scary. They are empowering. They help define you.

We took the kids to the store last weekend to stock up on the crazy amount of school supplies needed. They each got to choose a backpack and lunchbox. Bluebird chose a pink monkey backpack and the cutest red and blue owl lunchbox ever. Boy chose Darth Vader everything. He is into Darth these days. He has never actually the movie...but he likes the robot costume. Much to my dismay, the good guy Luke Skywalker doesn't have a cool costume. So instead I hear, "Mom, I like to be the bad guy, I like the black robot". Lovely.

My kids will probably not remember their first day of school this week. Bluebird won't remember that they had to literally pry her off of me kicking and screaming. Boy won't remember that he had to "pull two fish" for not following directions. Bluebird won't remember she wet her pants. Boy won't remember that he was so excited to see one of his friends again that he was so close to him I thought he might kiss him.

I was surprise by the tears that flowed down my cheeks when I left them. My babies!

I heard through the grape vine that they (Bluebird and Boy) met on the playground each day. This makes me happy.

Bluebird already had a sick day and missed school Friday. Boy was disappointed it was Saturday and can't wait to see his friends again.

It was a good week. I have my binders already brimming with their school work (for me to save all the days of my life)...
They learned new songs, new prayers, and met new friends.

I am truly happy about their new beginnings, as they move forward in life and start having their own experiences and their own life...apart from me (sob).

New beginnings are what life is about.

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