Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY weekend

Last weekend was filled with DIY. DIY is the new thing, right? I have all these ideas in my head, and then kind of solidifies them. Daddy hates gives me too many ideas that involve his participation.
However, he seemed to enjoy the simple projects we put into action this weekend. It was fun and they turned out great.

First: We completed the china cabinet.
As you may recall we had not found the right handles and I needed to repair the hinge. I bought these cute handles at Hobby Lobby (50% off- always wait for the sales at Hobby Lobby). I loved the way they looked. They are strong enough for a heavy drawer but had a delicate floral feel. BUT they were a white and black iron which didn't feel right against the cabinet. I found some black textured paint and this is what happened:

This is after I wiped off some of the black paint...I have little experience with "textured paint", but my first feelings are not great. It was kind of like spray on hair. Gross! So I rubbed it right off.....The fabric in the back of the cabinet has creams and browns and black and white just clashed. So....we decided to go metallic bronze. I love the result. I am glad I kept going back to the drawing board on this...the final product is exactly what I wanted.

Next project: The Grocery List

I am a list maker. I love making lists and I love crossing off lists. I am constantly taping lists to the cabinets for quick reference and to be readily accessible.
This is my cabinets on any given day:

Daddy hates this. So...I was browsing pinterest one day and I saw this adorable idea. It is nothing but wood, 2 wooden rulers, a paper towel holder (painted with icky black textured paint), a roll of paper, twine, a permanent marker and a couple screws. It was very simple and I LOVE the end result. It adds a little something to the end of my cabinet...

Cute right?

And then the last project: Our chalkboard menu

I saw something like this on....wait for it....pinterest! The one I saw had lovely stick on letters and decals...but we could not find any of that. That meant we did this free hand. Thank goodness for all having a Dad who encouraged good handwriting (and an artistic husband).
I put this on the opposite cabinet end between the table and the kitchen. It turned out really cute.

I am really excited about how all this turned out....tune in next week. Our weekend warrior projects will include the unveiling of our Oregon/Florida driftwood sculpture and our track/marathon display.

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the chalkboard menu! I'm going to copy:)

  2. B-E-A-UTIFUL china cabinet, and adorable list lister-thingy and chalkboard! =)