Friday, August 19, 2011

The Natural

Remember this:

Yes, I love baseball. Always have.
(and Robert Redford too but thats another story...)

This summer our boy was finally old enough to participate in T-ball. I had waited so long to see him in cleats and saggy pants and a ball cap. I could not wait to sit in the stands with a dog and a soda and cheer for my boy.

This summer was not quite that grand. We went through the Y which meant we did not have stands, but rather a sheet in the dirt to sit on. It was 106 degrees out on a good evening. Wet. Muggy. The bathroom was a mile away and Bluebird needed to go at least twice a practice. Boy, well, lets just say he was not so competitive and really did not care one bit about the game. He liked meeting friends. He liked wearing his Braves hat. He liked having a glove and wearing a helmet. Pretty much, we spent all of our time keeping up with the girls and trying to encourage Boy to go back on the field. He was "so tired" a lot.

I was worried about the "picture day", because Boy is not always a cooperative type for these sorts of things. But when his turn came, he smiled the biggest cheesiest smile in history. But instead of snapping those pearly whites, the photographer said "try not to smile so big, try to be natural". Natural? Really?

So, Naturally, Boy pondered the word and said "Natural?", right as his photo was snapped.

The Natural (T-ball player)

Now, Natural or Not...this photo makes me swooooon! It totally made the entire hot and muggy season worth every second. I will do it again every summer!

When I am old and gray and my memory is gone, I can look at this photo and all I see is the beauty of the game!


  1. This is why we pay all the money and spend all the time . . . it's all worth it when you get a photo like that. =)

  2. One of my favorite posts of yours ever! LOVE that he was saying "natural". What a precious boy. Love him.

    P.S.--I hope you're sending me a copy for our fridge ;)