Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall decor and other things....

We are still so far behind on blogging...and I am trying to catch up today since I only worked til noon, Buttercup is sleeping and Bluebird and Boy are still at school.

I decorated for Halloween this year. Boy wanted our house to be a little spooky...and so I tried to make it that way in the cheapest manner possible.
I did a little more with the Fall decor since it can stay up a little longer.

First, My spooooky decor:

I basically went to Hobby Lobby and got a bunch of the cheapest black fabric I could find and used it to drape over things. I then went to the dollar store and bought some cheap plastic skeleton stuff, spider webbing (which is a big pain), and plastic spiders for the rest.

Other than the Jack-o-lantern, I can use the pumpkin stuff throughout the rest of the season.

We plan to carve our pumpkins this weekend.

I also did a bit of Fall decor and hopefully will do some more before it is said and I have time.

Do you LOVE my wreath?! It is another pinterest hack. I plan to add even more little fabric flowers, but I haven't had the extra time. Covering that "L" with twine was a pain in my rear end...but I love the results.

I am still in the process of switching out my framed photos to be fall photos. Right as I finish I will probably need to switch to Winter ones. I thought this would be a good way to display all my treasured photos at some point each year without cluttering things up more than they already are.

The candle sticks that the pumpkins are resting on were garage sale finds. Basically just glass and crystal candlesticks. I think I got them all for $3, then I painted them with leftover bronze paint that I bought to paint the knobs on my china cabinet. The paint ran a bit, but not noticeable enough to care. I may store them for next year, or may repaint them silver for Christmas decor.

The garland is my favorite. I just drew a bunch of fall shapes on paper and let the kids go to town with paint and glitter. Once dry I cut them out and strung them up with twine. They are so proud!

What do you think of Buttercup on my chair?

Here are a few more of her:

We have been working on a few other rooms all weekend. Boy got bunk beds and I have been trying to reorganize things in there. I am also almost completely done with Buttercups room. I finally caved and decided to convert the playroom/guest room into her nursery. There are still sleeping areas for when guests stay...but it is sweet and girlie. Here is a sneak peak:

Some other household changes have been made in the past few weeks as well. I finally used twine to string up a kid art display over the kitchen window. We framed a fabulous photo of the kids for Daddy's 39th Birthday and I have it displayed in the kitchen (even though he is planning to take it to his office at some point).

I have been trying to use my Saturday morning sleep-in day as a chance to get up early, drink hot coffee and go garage sale-ing. I love it. It gives me my "shopping fix" on our tight budget. I don't let myself spend more than $20. Here are a few of my favorite finds. $5 each...No kidding!

And last but not least, here is a sneak peak at the apothecary console table "we" built (which you all know basically means Daddy, under my supervision)...however, I did find the plans, helped made cuts and stained the top piece. It was not easy and did not turn out perfect...but I love it. I will do a post on it later and link to the plans. I love this site I found full of wood work plans.


  1. Wow! You've been busy! Lots of cute stuff:)

  2. I can't see skulls and skeletons now without thinking of Rwandan genocide but I LOVE the "L" wreath and your pumpkins and mums. We are finally getting a Hobby Lobby this winter and I can't wait! The childrens' rooms look great--looking forward to sleeping on one of your guest beds!