Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is Here at Last

Fall has finally arrived. The breezes picked up and we had to pull out our sweaters.
We woke early and Bluebird and I went on our special Saturday morning date. We were on a quest for a "princess potty". Bluebird has been somewhat resistant to put her princess poops in the potty, and we are trying something new. She is VERY excited about her Princess potty. It sings when she goes potty, a nice reward that she seems to like. Our fingers are crossed that we have found our answer.

I have been on call, which keeps things slightly hectic. It seems everyone is just a tad bit angry for one reason or another, and they all want to call and tell me all about it. So, most of my day was spent diffusing the situation (and I must say that none of them were directly angry with our Cancer Center, but wanted an ear to vent) happy it got to be ME (hint of sarcasm).

I got to go to a few garage sales and to Goodwill...and I found an old but sturdy rocking chair for our front porch.

After our morning date, we came home and had a picnic lunch in the back yard with Boy, Buttercup and Daddy. The wind was blowing and the leaves are just starting to turn...I made some chicken chili (I love welcoming fall with a pot of hot chili).

The kids rode bikes. They are finally big enough where they ride the entire block and don't want to be held halfway. It was nice and relaxing. Bluebird waves and waves at everyone we pass. She is just so friendly. She had on leggings, a princess dress, a sweater, a helmet and sparkling shoes.

When we got home we painted our toes rainbow, for Makiah's Heaven Day, which I will give its own special post after this one. Even boy had me give him a rainbow of blues and greens.

Clemson won the football game. Which is pretty cool!

It was clearly a busy day...but a great one. Looking forward to a peaceful Sunday.


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