Sunday, October 2, 2011

My sweet girlie, Bluebird

Bluebird is really coming into her own.
When we ride bikes in the neighborhood, she has such a friendly demeanor and waves and waves at everyone we pass. When she finds me ironing a dress for her to wear to school, she beams and says "I LOVE dresses, Mama". She told me today that she loved Emma, and Abby and Stone..." then said "I love all the boys"...."and all the girls too". When I take her to her class the kids rush her and tell her how happy they are to see her. I can't blame them. if she is anything like she is at home, then I am sure she is sweet to them all.

Still a little mother, I often hear her tell Boy or Buttercup what a good job they are doing. She is always full of encouraging words. She is full of hugs for Buttercup.

She sings the songs from Tangled with such passion that even Boy will join in and sing them with her. If I start singing they both say "shhh, Mama, don't sing". =)

She is so helpful. I recently got her a kitchen stool and she has been taking utensils out of the drawers and washing them one by one before putting them back.

She finishes the sentences as I read her stories. She loves butterfly and Eskimo kisses. She loves making silly faces.

She has a dozen purses and carry cases and they are always full of her favorite tiny things. She carries at least one of these cases, three blankets and a bear downstairs with her each morning.

She loves to pick flowers and see rainbows and birds and butterflies. Yet she can still navigate around a ball and dirt and trucks and cars. I find she actually has a way of getting the boys to carry a wand.

She loves to have me fix her hair and dress her and then run in for Boy and Daddy to tell her how gorgeous and beautiful she is. The other morning she walked into the family room and Boy said (in a low monotone and trained voice), "woooow Bluebird, you look beauuuuuuutiiiifuuuul".

She is training us all, I think.

It is hard to believe that three years ago she was in incubators with breathing tubes, hard to believe we came so close to losing her.

I am so thankful and blessed to be the mother of such sweet and wonderful children. My cup runneth over.

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