Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Musical Beds

I don't know about you...but I take pride in the fact that we somehow manage to put our kids to bed early every night, with a bit of time left over for us to have our "grown up" time...
We talk, watch television, finish up on our blogging, emails, and work.

We try to get into bed by 10 or 1030. We do this because that gives us a bit of time in our own bed before the musical bed game begins.

98% of the time, Boy is in between us by 2am. Bluebird is a little less. This is good because when she comes into bed she is a bed hog and usually has a few blankets and toys and a purse or two that make he journey with her downstairs. Boy usually only brings a mask or boots.

Usually one of us ends up trying to sleep at the end of the bed for more room and cover control. Inevitably, this will prove to be too much and I will pack up Bluebird and all of the blankets and toys that trekked down with her. We will go get into Boy's bed since it is bigger than hers.

Boy will soon wake up and ask Daddy where I am. He will then come get into bed with me and Bluebird (what can I say, he is Mama's Boy).

When they fall back to sleep, I usually creep back to my own bed (I love my bed and the extra space).

(Then Buttercup will start to cry and I will send Daddy her way. He will sleep with her the rest of the night on the spare bed in her room (he loves the cuddling).

Boy will wake again and realize I am gone, so he will end up in my bed again(this is actually my favorite little moment of the bed feels like I have it all to myself, but I can look over and see a little innocent face beside me).

...and then at some point we all gather in our bed and the kids will say "the sun is up" and they will jump around and we try to keep them from hurting us, or themselves...and morning begins...

My Mother-in-law caught this morning action with her camera a few weeks ago:


  1. Sounds just like our night time too! So funny!

  2. Love it!

    Learn to sleep like sardines and avoid all of that moving around!

    Whose bed will we be sleeping in when we visit?