Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coconut Water

I love coconut. I love a coconut cake, coconut shrimp, coconut flavored drinks, almond joys...recently I started drinking coconut water. I find that a cold can of coconut water (with pulp) is the most refreshing after thing to drink after a long run. I have also found that I eat less after drinking a can. It fills me up a bit, for a while. This brand has 150 calories, and is only 59 cents a can. It can be found in the Hispanic section of your grocery store:

If you love coconut, want something refreshing, AND are trying to lose weight...well, try it. Maybe you will get addicted too.
If you don't love coconut, you might be like everyone else in my household who thinks this sounds disgusting.
Either way, I thought I would share my new vice.

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  1. Oooh, I love coconut too! From coconut scented suntan oil, to coconut cake, to almond joys and mounds, to sweetened coconut shreds right out of the bag, to coconut ice cream. Definitely one of my favorite flavors and scent. I type this as I sit at my computer with a coconut verbena candle burning in the next room and a pina colada candle in the room after that, having had 2 coconut cookies for breakfast and enjoyed a Taco Bell pina colada freezie yesterday (which you must try). I must buy some coconut water!!!! Putting it on the grocery list! I think we get our love of coconut from our Mama. I've also recently found out about coconut curd (you buy it in the jams and jellies section of the grocery), which you can spread on muffins, stir into yogurt, etc... I use extra virgin coconut oil in Kiya's hair and recently bought a tub for the kitchen because you can use it to cook, saute and fry--trying to think of what would be good to cook with it. I buy it from Amazon and have it shipped to me. Thinking I need to make Mama's coconut cake in the next few days. . .