Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dinner Dialogues

If any of you know my sister's mother-in-law Gabby, you know she makes the best Spanish food in the South.....because she is not from the South. She was born and raised in Colorado, by two Spanish parents (her mother's last name is Martinez-Martinez, haha). Anyone who has been to Colorado knows that there is nothing like their food!
I often ask for her recipes. I make her chicken tacos all the time, every time with raves of praise. I also love her chicken casserole. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is divine! It also goes good with coconut water (but don't tell her, or she might think I committed heresy).
I am not going to steal her recipe, and will actually copy it in her words for your enjoyment. Here goes:

First , you can either cook (boil) two whole chickens OR buy rotis. chickens in deli. Bone them. two cans of, cream of celery, and one of cream of chicken . One can of ortega green jalapeno HOT chilies...OR (you won't find that) so get one fresh one , dice it up pretty fine . THAT is IF you want to it to be really Mexican , and you and your family like HOT spicey food. You will also need chicken broth. ONLY if you get the Rotis. ones. If you cook fresh ones the you will already have fresh broth...the chicken WATER ! Okayyyyy, Mix the two soups with the jalapeno and broth until it is NOT RUNNY, but creamy...not thick creamy...NOT RUNNY creamy . (GOOD LUCK) NOW, YOU will need TWO BLoCKS of mild....NOT Colby...I don't think it's chedder.....(IT'S late can't think of it !!!) I'll check it out in the morn. Cheese ! It's yellow ! Moving right along....YOU will need a whole bag of any kind of TACo CHIPS.
Alright, When you bone the chicken...sort of shred the meat into smallish pieces...NOT BIG HUNK pieces ....NOT tiny pieces , hahaha,
sorry. ( i know this is stupido) :))..... NOW ! you are going to build your masterpiece. LAYERS !!! Start with taco chips on the bottom of a rectangle glass baking dish. Next a layer of chicken,soupy stuff on top of chicken, taco chips on top of that and then a layer of cheese that Mickey shredded for you on a shredder...(DO not use already store bought shredded cheese, it is NOT thick enough and NOT enough cheese !) Then start over, on top of cheese, chicken, soup, chips, then cheese . keep doing that until you are sort of brimming at the top of dish. BE SURE AND END WITH LOTS OF CHEESE ON THE TOP OF CASSAROLE. Bake for an hour 350. IF your soup mixture is toooooo soupy it MIGHT run over on your beautiful and clean oven. But , it shouldn't. When it is done the top should look COOKED...sort of crusty....NOT like soft melted cheese! THIS DISH WAS BORN TO BE JALAPENO HOT. It is still ok,sorta good without them. Some people would rather it NOT be hot...those people are called gringos.....hahahahaha....THAT is a JOKE ! (kind OF)
I LOVE YOU ALL ....Best of luck...I usually serve this with SPANISH you know how to make THAT?????????????????
IT is soooo easy....but I am exhausted at 1:00 AM...let me know if you want the Rice. OHHhhh you need COLD COLD COKES or Dr..Pepper...with THIS !!! NONE of that mamby pamby TEA STUFF! THIS is serious business we are talking here ! GNIGHT ! P.S. DO NOT CHEAT AND USE THAT FLIMSEY , PUNY ALREADY SHREDDED STORE BOUGHT CHEESE !!! Not with MY RECIPE !
P.S.S. !!!!!! Dice up a medium size "spanish" ONION..."SPANISH" onion....NOT WHITE or any thing else ! Sprinkle it through out the layers ! ( I almost forgot it) WHEW. Are you sure?????? you are up to this ??????? It's NOT hard...I just make things hard....I absolutely "H" cooking . :))) WEAR AN APRON you will need IT.


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