Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Grandpa Pete

Grandpa Pete is truly a diamond in the rough. He is a farmer and a trucker in Oregon. He works hard and says little. When he does say something, you listen. The first personal words he said to me were on our wedding day. We were taking photos and he leaned in and said "you look beautiful". Lots of people said that to me, but I knew it was true when he said it. He is a kind and gentle man who is so tender with us and our children.


Pappy is my Dad's Dad. Wow. Pappy is a preacher and retired district superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church. I grew up listening to him preach. I grew up in the shadow of his spotless image. He is someone everyone in our area looked up to. He truly lives what he preaches. I can always count on him to point me towards the cross. He also loves gadgets and would always be the first to introduce us to the newest thing. He is a back door masseuse and chiropractor. He raised 8 children (7 boys and 1 daughter), and he now has 16 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren (I think, I counted quite fast). He wed me and he dedicated my children. He will be 90 next spring and in all his 90 years, has been a honest and true man. In all my 34 he has been a dedicated granddad. He truly has always made each of us feel as if we were individually loved.


My sweet Pa-pa. A mason. A railroad, train and history enthusiast. He had an entire little house out back filled with trains and villages. He would turn them all on and you would feel 2 inches tall and in a whole new world. He farmed and had chickens. He was always building something. Up at the break of dawn, to go to town and eat with the other men in town. I loved those early morning breakfasts. Everyone knew I was Bob's granddaughter. He could read Braille. He made a little bench in the back of his truck and we would sit there and eat candy he would buy us at the country store. He later taught me to drive that old truck. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of playing under the big oak, on the swing he had hanging from it. Or driving his go-cart that he would drive in parades with his tall mason hat. A true "lodge guy". He always had on dickies and his sleeves were always rolled tight above his strong tanned arms. He had one blue eye and one "rainbow" eye. He was truly the strongest man I have ever met.

My Dad AKA Crazy Pa

I had the best dad on earth. He was a great example for helping me find a great daddy to marry. My Dad is handsome and everyone loves him. I can walk in a grocery store and the cashiers will say "oooh, Michael's daughter, we love your Dad". They love him because he is good. A Christian man who is kind and makes people feel special. A man who would bring doughnuts to his staff. He was a marine in Nam, and that tells you how brave (and a little crazy) he is. When I was young we lived out west. He was a hang glider and the coolest dad. He is so funny and silly. He always made us laugh. At bedtime he would sing us "The old black magic" as our bedtime song. He would run and tickle us silly. He was playful and had fun with us. He was also stern and we didn't cross him. We had a healthy fear of him and a great respect. He has principles and will always choose what is right. We could always count on him to make yummy treats and to have candy in his pockets. As a grandpa, he was coined lovingly with "Crazy pa", because he is a "wild and crazy guy". The kids know that bedtimes and healthy diets won't be adhered to and that they can ride their scooters through his hallways and camp out on couch pillows on the living room floors. I truly love this man so much. I feel like the luckiest little girl alive.

My Dad with us as children

My Dad as Crazy Pa

And then there is the Daddy I married. I knew he'd be a good Daddy by the way he was with George, our kitty. Daddy bottle fed that cat, and was always so sweet with him. I made a good choice. He is truly a #1 Daddy to our children. He is tender, he is fun, and he truly takes an equal role in caring for their every need. I want to say that he "mothers" them, but he has given the true meaning of Fathering...He 100% nurtures our children like only a Father can!!!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!

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