Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What happened to writing letter? I love the internet and emails and texting as much as the next guy. It allows you to have quick and easy contact with lots of old friends, new friends and acquaintences....
I think we can all agree that we would not sit and write a letter to just anyone. To write a letter, you have to want to be personal. What happened to being personal with each other.
I have a chest full of old letters. Some to me. Others, written in the 70's, before I was born. I put them in my chest for safe keeping. Love letters. Love letters to a lover, love letters to a son, to a brother, to a friend. The paper is yellowing and the handwriting fading. They are imperfect, with smudges and scribbles and stamps and tears. To me, handwritten letters and journals are the most beautiful treasures. I think when you are holding a piece of paper with the handwritten word, its as if you are transported, and you and can smell the person writing it and you can feel their presence.
The handwritten word keeps us alive long after our deaths.

So my challenge to you today...write a letter. Maybe make an effort to write and send a letter each month. To your grandmother. To your father. To your husband. To your son. Mail them from your house and back to your house if you need to.
Let someone check the mail and see your handwriting and feel your presence. Imagine the excitement they will feel when they see a letter addressed to them.

Live forever. Write a letter.

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