Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Weeks

Yesterday we hit the 30 week mark...unbeliveable and it feels so good. I went to CHOP in the morning and met with Dr. Johnson. He is a doctor I truly do trust. He looked at Auguste and truly felt he was stable from last week and improving. The conversation was extensive, but he said 3 times during the visit that he did not see anything about Auguste that indicated he would die and I should be confident in being able to bring him home one dayd. He is still concerned about the hydrops and the ultimate cause, and encouraged watchful waiting. He has also encouraged delivery at CHOP where he feels that if the fluid does not resolve in utero or right after birth, that they would be ready to find the answers and help him. We enrolled Auguste in a research study involving an umbrella of children who experiences some sort of pulmonary issue beginning in utero. I am a big believer in research and letting Auguste's trials try to help future babies in his current situation.

I took a tour of the NICU and quite honestly, just for a chance to brag on Greenville Hospital, it was not nearly as beautiful as the NICU in Greenville, but it was still nice and large with private spaces and they have ECMO available. The doctors at this point feel it is unlikely Auguste will need ECMO and even feel that due to his effusions being so mild, he may not even experience respiratory distress, but due to the many unknowns we still face, having everything at our fingertips is still reassurring.

Dr. Johnson's only concern seemed to be the million dollar question, what caused this, will it go away on its own, or what will it take to fix it. However, I will once again say that he seemed quite confident that our baby Auguste was going to be one of the 10% of babies that survive hydrops. He believes Auguste will indeed be our miracle. I have to keep telling myself this over and over, pinching myself to make sure it is real.

I flew home last night and finally returned to work today. It felt good to be back with all of my lovely co-workers and to see my sweet patients, all of whom have been praying for me and Auguste in the midst of their own trials. I am truly blessed.

I had a doctors appointment with my OBGYN this afternoon. I let them know all that was going on. Dr. Twedt has been so confident and encouraging and supportive since the first day of this journey, and I feel blessed to have her on Team Auggie. haha.. The entire office for that matter, the nurses and even front office seem happy to see me continueing to walk in the door week after week, and the nurse told me today she hopes I make sure our story gets told. How sweet is that?!

 I did discuss frankly with Dr. Twedt the considerations and pros and cons of delivering in Philadelphia, primarily, that they now believe we should go as long as possible, however, I would still need to relocate to Philly at 36 weeks which would mean being away from my family and work for potentially 4 weeks before Auguste is even born. Dr. Twedt still feels that we have come so far, why risk anything now. She said she felt CHOP was the place to deliver because why risk not having ECMO or any other things we may need now. This recomendation did make me feel more confident in delivering at CHOP despite what may happen in the next 6 weeks, but it is still scary.

I do want Mickey to be at the birth, so it is likely we will still consider a 38 week induction. Since our "induction gone sour" with Eliot, I am usually anti-induction for any and all reasons, but I am strongly consdiering it. Emily was born in a matter of hours and if Mickey is in Greenville, he would need a little more notice. My mother is going to try to come nad be with kids during that time, and obviously, since we have no family in town, she will need some notice as well.

As you can see, lots of logistical things that still need to be worked out.


for now, watchful waiting, trying not to consume too much of my time with all of the statistics and data and fears, continued confidence that God has this under control, and continued prayer that our needs be fulfilled. He is a God of miracles and we are watching those miracles come to fruition.

Christmas is around the corner...the tree is up and stockings are hung and I truly have never felt as blessed as I feel this season.

I want to continue to thank Beth and Stefen and Nico DeWet for continuing to be such wonderful and gracious hosts to me while in Philadelphia. I want to thank all of the people at the Cancer Centers for their support during this. I want to thank my family and of course, all of my friends. The letters and calls and prayers I have continued to receive mean so very much to me. I am truly without words. The kindness we have received has been a miracle in and of itself, and has blessed us so much. Thank you.

Coming home last night to delightful squeals from my kids, and their continued prayers for baby Auggie every night, so innocent, so faithful, and so cup runneth over.

Buttercup, loves to be dressed up and get nails painted. 

Beautiful Boy

my three buddies



Daddy and Buttercup

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