Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful Babies

These kids are so crazy and I love them so much.

Bluebird has a way of saying Mommy or Daddy after everything she says:
"Yes Mommy'
"I luf you Daddy"
"Tank you Mommy"

She thanks you for everything from brushing her hair to changing her pull-up to tying her shoe.

She is so encouraging. We climbed a hill recently and she told me how good I did. "Good job Mommy". "Good clapping Mommy". "Good Cleaning Mommy". "Good hit Boy".

A bit bossy: "Go get it Mommy"..."You go get it". "Boy, be careful". "Daddy, don't you yell at that Boy"
Such a sweet little girl.

Boy is hilarious and so serious about things.
He wants a Darth Vader helmet and he says:
"Mommy, A Vark Vader helmet will fit my head so good"

He loves to be in costume. Whether is is Micky ears, head to toe Lightning McQueen, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Transformers (which he calls Iron Giant), "Baseball Man" (when he is playing ball).

He says "Mommy, I am going to play quietly in my room, don't turn that light off"

Bluebird has developed a love for the pool and splashes and laughs. She also loves the piano. She stands underneath and stretches up and plays and plays.

Its a beautiful mess!!!

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