Thursday, July 28, 2011


Another post about Bluebird...because this girl keeps us on our toes and there is always so much to tell. Bluebird is nosey. You may recall a previous post about the credit card

well, these types of things happen all the time. She knows right where your keys or cell phone is. She know the contents of drawers that are supposed to be child proof. Boy lost his Mickey ears recently (yes, he started wearing Mickey Mouse ears, another story but what sweet innocence)- after naptime he couldn't find them anywhere. We looked upstairs, downstairs, garage, back porch, bathroom...finally I asked Bluebird "Have you seen Boy's Mickey hat?". She looked perplexed, then started babbling and then opened a closet door and pointed to the ground, where low and behold, lay the ears.
I am still unclear if she actually put them there or if it was just noted in her mind where she saw them last.

This morning, I showered and heard her nosing through my things. As I was getting ready, I didn't see my glasses. I did not even bother to look. I just said "Bluebird, where are my glasses?". She walked in babbling away and went to a table and said "here Mommy". BUT- she also threw two other small items my way. I just heard them bounce off the floor. I said "What else did you have?"
Her reply: "your rings, Mommy".

Yes, my wedding rings, that I had not yet found missing, now rolling under the bed.

Wow, thank goodness she keeps note of where she places things.

Here are a few of the many other ways she keeps us on our toes:

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