Friday, July 1, 2011


During my second pregnancy, there was a worry that poor Boy would have to share us. Was it fair to him to have to be the big baby so soon in life? But someone very wise reminded me that I was giving Boy and very special gift, a sibling.

Siblings are so special. They have each other after you have passed. I am very lucky to have a wonderful sister and brother.

I have been surprised that my children's captivation over their baby Buttercup has lasted so long. TEN MONTHS!!!! In the past 10 months they have sang to the baby, smothered her with kisses, hugs, and gazes of pure love. BUT, Buttercup is starting to get nosy. She wants to play with the others. She wants to be right in the middle of everything. So...I am starting to hear these phrases:

"Mom, put your baby to bed."
"Hold your baby, Mama"
"Mama, your baby needs her binkie"
"Mom, pick your baby up"

Notice they are telling me she is mine and no longer using possessive terms with her.

She is starting to get in their way. She is starting to hold them back.She is coasting and climbing. The barricades have returned.
They are required to close toilets and put away toys...

As I type this, Buttercup is actually reaching around my laptop trying to push the keys and turn off the I understand their frustration. haha

I know that soon she will catch up with them, and hold her own. I won't have to tell them to find a toy for her to play with and share. She will be a part of their club.

My babies are growing up....

oh, and they still sing to her. Just this morning Boy was laughing and tickling Bluebird while singing "Ooo, Baby Baby, Ooo Baby Baby"...I am also enjoying watching them all crawl in a line like marines around the house. so fun!!!

Aren't siblings awesome!!!!

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