Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Little China Cabinet

As most of you may recall, I decided to give my little china cabinet a makeover. It's been a long time coming.
This cabinet was my great grandmother's. An antique. However, my great grandmother was just a country lady and so this wasn't a "fine" cabinet...but it is functional and special because it was hers. I have had it since I was in high school. I just slowly watched it fall apart, scared to do anything to it because I didn't want to ruin it with some flighty idea.
But finally, I made a decision based on this cabinet:

I liked that it gave me a way to paint the cabinet but still make it look old.

So...we set off on our task. It took us two weekends to complete because we had to use wood filler and sand and lots of tacking of old lifted panels. The antiquing glaze may still be a little in the making because the wood took it better in some places than others. I added some molding, two little flowers we actually had laying around in the garage....Daddy picked out the fabric backing...which at first I thought might be a little too "retro"...but turns out, it is lovely with the little molded flower additions.
the only thing left to do is find the perfect handles...I had to wood fill the previous holes because it is so hard to find handles with a 4" spread. Standard is 3" these days. I didn't take a photo, but the drawer is lined with the fabric as well.

This project is especially dear to my heart because I did all of the work myself. (except some of the nail gun stuff)


Here it is:


A little repair work:

Some paint:

Some antiquing glaze:

Some fabric and waalaa:

I never knew Georgia (my great grandmother)...she died before my mom was born...But, something tells me she would like this too.


  1. Super cute!!!! I love the fabric =) Hey--what's the name/make of the color of the wall behind it? (Love that too!)

  2. Valspar spray paint...everglade green I think (will let you know if it is something else)...then I used antiquing glaze over it which is a nice brown black color....
    I had originally thought of wallpaper, but you can't find any interesting wallpaper these days...I have read a lot on this and it seems that using spray paint is the best way for a smooth finish on furniture, and they have all sorts of selections these days.

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  4. oops...the WALL....hmmmm...not sure at all. It was painted when we moved in. We took some and had it matched...but don't think we have a name. I have a little piece of it (kids bathroom by tub is constantly a mess) if you want me to send it to you you can have it matched. Its a nice yellowish goldish beige.

  5. Lisa, this looks AMAZING! I'm so inspired to do something now. I think I'll go paint this little picket fence section we've been saving for a cute little garden border.

    Good job!