Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Hello friends. Thank you to all who still read my blog, I know I often get emotional and ramble on...and I appreciate that some of you  still seek the details. Auguste is approaching 27 weeks. I am very excited. Today I spent time reading on the facebook hydrops support pages, and of course, found equally inspiring and depressing news. But Auguste has been very active all day today and I continue to pray the days keep coming and that we too, have a success story. Every night the kids pray for baby Auggie, and they all three love to pat my belly and say "I love you Auggie".

I figured today I would blog a little about whats been going on with the other Losinski babies. I am currently blogging in my big comfy chair and kids are screaming and squealing all around me. The weather is beautiful and so they run inside and then outside. Buttercup has approached me several times to adjust her spiderman swim goggles on her chocolate cookie face. Boy is wearing pajama pants and a dirty soccer shirt and has taken over as leader of the chaos. Bluebird is wearing a skirt, legging and cowboy boots, with her red pea coat (always a fashionista). She woke up at 4 am this morning complaining of pain to her left ear, but after some motrin she stated it felt much better. She got her finger caught in the door jam when Noah (our 12 year old lab) struggled to stand up to move out of her way and fell against the door, but she was a sweet and gracious about it as a 4 year old can be. A bit ago Boy came to tell me that both girls were on the top bunk...they are his bunk beds, but he has never ventured to the top bunk before...but both girls love to climbthere and sometimes get a bit crazy (Bluebird is quite the gymnast). So, now I am returning to this blog, after going upstairs and removing the ladder and instructing children to play safely. So, at this point typing is harder because Boy decided it would be best to lean against me and Buttercup decided to snuggle with Daddy and drink some milk.

with his soccer trophy
Last week Boy and Bluebird both got their soccer trophies. Bluebird, who is naturally athletic, really didn't care much about the soccer season and spent most of the games getting her teammates to goof around with her. Boy impressed us a great deal, and made real progress and dare I say, was pretty dang good. We are looking forward to Spring season, where we expect to see even more talent arise out of our little lefty. Many of you know the Boy is on the spectrum, and has many challenges, particulary picking up social cues. However, he has had a wonderful year this year. Academically he amazes us on a regular basis, and he is also making friends and truly desires to be engagaed with peers.  I was able to help in his classroom two days this week, and loved having an insight to his daily world...even though now he keeps asking if I will come every day. It is great to have a child who still thinks you are awesome and doesn't mind kissing you in front of his friends. The little girls from his class loved touching my belly and asking about baby Auggie, as they, too have been praying for him. Sweet sweet children.

 Bluebird once again amazes me with how utterly caring she is for her baby sister. She gets three skittles after each day in class, and when I pick her up she always leans in and gives Buttercup at least one of them. She helps her get dolled up in princess outfits and more. Just darling girls. I am blessed.

Last night I dreamed I moved back to Lakeland and remodeled my grandparents house...I awakened with the realization that their home was the perfect size and layout for my family, and briefly daydreamed of moving home and hosting our large clan during holidays. Its too bad we won't be moving back home anytime soon. Mickey has been working diligently to complete his phD and is interviewing and we are expecting to have a move planned and a destination in the spring. We DO miss being away from our families, during the holidays and all of the time. But today I bought a turkey and we are planning a nice quaint holiday dinner with our little family.

We finished Christmas lists today and I made wish lists for Santa to work from out of Toys R Us, Target and Amazon. They are great kids, and they certainly deserve a good Santa visit. Last year we decided to be very purposeful about any and all gifts and not get anything that would not be used throughout the year. We did really good and last years gifts are all still favorites. We planned the same thing this year and I am happy with the plan I have in place. I want to try to get things taken care of prior to returning to Philadelphia (early Dec), so that there are no concerns if I am unable to return until right before the holiday.

I did get a call from my manager yesterday and provided I do not get a shunt in December, it is possible I may return to work briefly before Auguste is born, we are working out the logistics, but I feel that if it works out it could be really good for me to be able to immerse myself into my patients a little. I miss them. I also miss my co-workers.

Anyway, life is pretty good here in the Losinski household. Keep us in your prayers as we face financial and emotional challenges, as well as many decisions and lots of unknowns.


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