Sunday, November 25, 2012

To the Babes in My Life

The "nesting" has begun. As I pulled down all the Fall decorations, and started putting up the Christmas ones...I also started inevitable decluttering of spaces. I decided to tackle the closets. I have two daughters and my sister has three, so there is an abundance of girl clothing....and this weekend it was finally time to go through it all and organize it for give away.

This is my last pregnancy. We planned this pregnancy to be our last, and feel strongly that if in the future we still desire more children, we would be blessed to be able to adopt at that time. I want to be able to relish every moment of it. I had planned to fill my free time with pregnancyyoga and pregnancy photos, etc. I never imagined it would be filled with doctors visits, research, and worry.

It was folding all my sweet baby clothing. Bluebird was a preemie and the size of her wee clothing, clothing I recall being so big on her then, now so small they would not fit her doll babies. I imagine that it is possible Auguste will be this small. Our Ollie was never a tiny baby, but I was able to find some newborn stuff that may work when he is here, and at this point, it seems crazy to me that these small clothes may swallow him up.

There is lots of clothing, all packed neatly to pass on to other friends, and I can't believe this chapter of my life is over. No more baby girls. I am excited about the future, but mourn the past a bit.'s to my past babies....and my last baby, who rests and kicks in my stomach.

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