Thursday, November 15, 2012


little face, always with his hands up around it

foot..his legs were sweet

Today we went back to the clinic for yet ANOTHER ultrasound. Auguste really gets annoyed by these and always kicks directly at the probe. He still looks good, his heart rate today was 151. Unfortunately, it seems his abdomen has increased in size, which I don't completely understand. On Monday it was measuring at 28 weeks and 4 days and today it was measuring at 30 weeks (he is 26 weeks and 2 days). However, his lungs seems stable, and the pleural effusions were still mild on left and moderate on right. Dr. Nathalapaty (Greenville) talked to Dr. Johnson (CHOP) this morning. He said that although things are still somewhat subjective, that Dr. Johnson gave him a good parameters for what we are trying to visualize. He said neither he, or Dr. Johnson were concerned about the ascites, and that they are trying to focus on his lungs which, in addition to the underlying cause of the chylothorax which is still unconfirmed, were the primary concern for his survival.
We talked extensively regarding the emotional aspects of this high risk pregnancy, and Dr. Nathalapaty said he has been very impressed at the extent of research we had done and all we were doing to try to save Auguste, and that no matter what, we will certainly be able to know without a doubt we did all we possibly could for him. I let him know that I knew ultimately, that was what was most important, but that I desperately wanted things to end well, for us, of course, but also so that the next time someone like us comes in, that they will be able to let them know that all hope is not lost. He agreed that they too hoped for that ending.
At this point it seems I will be able to be in the Greenville area through Thanksgiving. We have all agreed that it would probably be best to go back to Philadelphia at the beginning of next month. That gives me time to set up for Christmas with the kids, and if shunt is indicated while in Philadelphia, to hopefully still be able to make it home for Christmas.
Please keep us in your prayers, first and foremost, complete healing for our sweet baby boy. Also keep us in your prayers for the financial constraints this all has placed on us, as well as the emotional rollercoaster we remain on.


  1. You ALL are in my prayers! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you!!

  2. I love his sweet face!
    Still praying for you all.