Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday in Philly

Today was a take it easy day us and Mickey's last day with me for a while. We slept in (a bit because we are usually up at 6 and today was more like 730). Then we went to the Rodin Museum, which was pretty amazing. Downtown Philly is truly beautiful and you just sometimes forget how much history took place here.
We drove over to see the Liberty Bell. The line was reaaaaallllly long so we just looked through the window and walked around a bit on the old colonial stone streets.
I started feeling spent and we went and met my friend Jean and her fiance Paul at The White Dog Cafe. Now, Jean lives in Charlotte, so don't ask me why we meet up in Philly for lunch but hardly ever in the Carolinas.
The Cafe was quite ritzy, but quaint and the butternut squash soup I had was pretty fantastic.

Paul was fun to finally meet. Proof of what a very small world this is:
Paul currently lives in Mississippi where he is finishing his residency. He is from Sacramento, CA but he is engaged to Jean, who lives in Charlotte, but who I know from Tampa, but whom I actually met in Equador. We decided to meet up for lunch in Philadelphia. Paul realized Mickey was from Oregon and proceeded to tell us that his parents live in.....Klamath Falls, Oregon....the exact place Mickey was raised and where his mother also still lives. I am not sure we have ever met anyone who had been to or even heard of Klamath Falls, and yet, here at this little brownstone cafe in Philly, we meet Paul. A very small world indeed.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel and pretty much stayed in the rest of the day due to rain and just being tired.
Emily has been off on her naps and sleep schedule, and just thinks she is supposed to be staying up with mom and dad partying all the time...which is exhausting, but kind of fun. She is enjoying having us all to herself...but has made it very clear she misses Oliver and Eliot and is constantly bringing me my phone to see pictures of them and saying "Eliot again".

Cute girl. She will see them tomorrow...until then, I am going to keep her close to me.

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