Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday

Last day before the simultaneously dreaded and anticipated Tuesday...Its a beautiful day full of crisp weather, sunshine and crispy leaves at your feet. Beth and I took Nico to the park and then had grilled cheese, ham and apple sandwiches. Now she is introducing me to the show Sherlock. Tonight after dinner we are going to see Argo. Anything to keep me busy and my mind from all the what ifs.

Auguste has been quite tired today, I think, because he hasn't been very active. I listened to his heart tones and they were a strong 145...and of course, he kicked at me then. Its as if he is saying "geez Mom, let me sleep already". The sonographers always laugh and say "he doesn't like the paparazzi", because he jiggles whichever way they don't want him to move. A funny boy, and I think it is certainly a good sign that he is so responsive.

Today I received an email from a girl named Erin. She is pregnant with another hydrops boy, and only a few weeks ahead of me. Her son was diagnosed with more impressive hydrops than Auguste, and at a younger age of 16 weeks and 6 days. Anyway, they have never identified a cause, but at his 19 week scan, his hydrops had resolved and at his 22 weeks scan, there was no evidence of hydrops or any other abnormality. He is due in January and I believe is proof that God is still out there performing miracles everyday.

I love these stories and I am still believing all of this is for a reason, and hoping that it includes a miraculous healing for our sweet Auguste as well.

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