Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Aftermath and 24 Week Milestone

Hurricane Sandy came and went last night. The winds were strong and knocked a few trees down in the road, and we lost power about 7pm and it remains out. This morning was quiet and cold and I enjoyed the warmth of the bed as long as possible. We then drove to some friends from Beth's church, Bob and Robin's house, where we enjoyed showers and a big lunch of roasted veggies and sausage. Now three little boys play on the floor and I blog peacefully. Everyone has commented on how unfazed I am by the chaos and noise, and I remind them of my house. I miss the madness actually, and find comfort in it.

Mickey called today and Oliver has a fever and therefore has to be out of school for 24 hours, which meant he had to leave work. Fortunately, he was giving a test. He has done a great job at manning things in my absence, and if the mess he describes is all that got out of hand, I can't help but admire him. Its a tough job trying to keep up with the schedules and demands of 3 children, especially by yourself.
-on that note, lets give a shout to all the single parents out there!!!!

Good news is that Mickey got me on a flight for tomorrow afternoon and I may very well be home by 6pm tomorrow night provided I have no more delays. What a blessing that would be. My mom and step-dad are going to be there tomorrow and will be able to help with kids. I asked my mom to make sure she put a big pot of chili on and of course, some cider, to enjoy after trick-or-treating. I LOVE chili and hope I am there to enjoy it with them.

I have to say how impressed I was last night to see diligent policeman out in the strong winds and rain, hacking up a fallen tree and removing it from the road and securing some lines that were down. We were fortunate to fare well last night, and I have deep concerns for the people in other areas such as NY and NJ. It may not seem like a big deal to people down south as they know losing power is a big inconvenience, but one must remember how very cold it is here. It could certainly be colder, but I encourage you to pray for people, especially children, who are cold and scared and wet due to this storm.  People have lost their homes and businesses and livelihood. I am proud of our President and other political figures (have grown fond of Gov. Chris Christie while watching the news the past few days), who are putting aside political differences and focusing on the needs of the people here. I also want to thank our first responders for being so diligent and working hard to service their neighbors.

We have good news today. Today we reached a major milestone of 24 WEEKS!!!! 24 weeks is a viability week for fetus. This is huge as just a few weeks ago, we never knew if we would make it this far. This morning Auguste was active and I felt calm and hopeful that the weeks will keep coming.

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since we first learned about this terrible hydrops. The weeks have gone slowly but we have learned a lot and so much has occurred since that dreadful day. We truly grieved and were never sure we would get to this day. I know that we still have a very long way to go, because we certainly want to avoid delivery in the next 8 weeks,  if that is at all possible, and hope to even get further than that. However, we need 8 more weeks of improvement to feel that the hydrops will not worsen.

Tomorrow morning we will be seen at CHOP, and hopefully this will clear me to get on the flight home. I have an appointment with neonatology in Greenville on Thursday, to let them meet us, know what is going on  have them prepared for whatever may come with Auguste. I then need to go see my OB/GYN by Monday and will see Dr. Stephensen will maternal fetal group in Charlotte next Wednesday. Hopefully things will continue to improve and we will develop consistent and systematic followup.

While I have been in Pennsylvania, I have managed to knit a few hats and will hopefully finish a blanket. I am very proud of them as most of you know I have never completed a knit project before. I made two hats for Auguste and I think I am finally moving beyond my fear of planning for his arrival. I feel more and more confident with each kick. Not too long ago I felt that I had to embrace each one as it may be my last, but they continue to come steadily and I continue to be filled with more and more hope.

I recently read some people discussing God's wrath and that perhaps Hurricane Sandy was evidence of that. I know this is no more true than believing that cancer is punishment or accidents are God's will or that God caused Auggie's illness. Believing in the New Testament and believing in Jesus Christ is proof of that. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world and terrible things happen.  I know that God didn't cause Auggie to be sick, but I do believe He can help him get better. I also believe He is faithful despite the outcome. I know He is faithful regardless of the destruction we are all watching on television.

Please keep praying for my sweet boy, Auguste. We have a long way to go!
Please pray for all of those effected by the storm last night. Please pray for our President and the decisions ahead of him. Please pray for all of the soldiers, first responders, and other people who are working to help in the aftermath. This is not something that will resolve with the storms passing, and they have a long way to go as well.

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