Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, it seems that Hurricane Sandy is coming to join me in Philadelphia this week and I think she is very likely planning to detain me a while.

My doctor called me on her way back from settling her family in NY and let me know she would call me in the morning and see whether or not I should try to come in Monday for an appointment, but it seems the airlines are still going to be closed, so I will not be able to leave before the storm. I have a ticket home on Tuesday, but it is most likely going to be canceled and the airline told me if this happened I would be rescheduled on a later flight automatically. Mickey and I each spent over an hour and a half holding for the airline on separate occasions today, so I am glad that I may not need to worry myself with trying to first come first serve alternate reservations...but I am still in the dark as to when I will get home.

 Of course, the unknown is disappointing because I would rather NOT be caught in one of the "largest storms of the century" possibly with no power for the rest of the week. I really desired to be home with my family. I miss my kids, and my mom and step dad are coming for Halloween and Grandparents Day this week, and it would be sad to miss their visit. However, I don't really suppose there is much to be done but wait.

This morning Mickey was mildly panicking regarding getting me home, but I assured him we would do all we could do to stay safe. He is doing a great job with the kids and has had to do so many extra things this week, such as dress the kids up for a Johnny Appleseed Parade last week and get them in character for "character day" tomorrow. Oliver is taking a Star Wars book and dressing as Obi Wan Kenobi and Eliot is going to be Cinderella and bringing one of her princess stories.

Halloween will have even more fun to share, and I hope I can take my own photos and not have to add pictures sent to me, but time and Hurricane Sandy will tell.

Anyway, I am from Florida, and I know that you should never underestimate a storm, but they are also very unpredictable, therefore, I will continue to pray for the best, stay safe, and get home as soon as humanly possible.

However, the most important thing is that we know that Auguste is still improving, otherwise, he would need a shunt placement and I would be here for at least another week anyway. I truly don't want a shunt if it can be avoided, because not only would that mean my boy was getting worse, but it would also hold with it many risks.

Weather reports are still somewhat contradictory, as some say to expect the worst tomorrow morning and to settle a bit by Tuesday evening, and other say to expect the worst by Monday night and through Tuesday, settling by Wednesday. It would be ideal to get into the doctor tomorrow and be on a flight out Wednesday, or to have things all done with tonight and tomorrow and keep my Tuesday appt and Tuesday flight...but I can't really know what the future holds and just hoping to keep enough power to know what is going on and keep my phone charged.

Today we went to many stores today stocking up on lights and non perishables, etc...but batteries were no where to be found. We saw people with grocery carts stacked to the brim with bread etc. I am always surprised at how people often will clean out a store stock with more than they need and not leave any for others during times like this. It has never made much sense to me. I believe in being prepared, but I also believe in taking what you need and letting others have what they need as well. The hoarding it all for yourself mentality (just in case you might need it) has never computed much to me.

So, tonight I go to bed with the sound of light rain, and I pray for all the people who may or have already been effected by Hurricane Sandy. I pray the damage is minimal and that people remain safe. I pray that Beth and Stefen and Nico (who have so kindly opened their home to me) suffer no damage or injury to themselves or their friends or family,and I pray that my Auggie continues to improve. I am very hopeful for his full recovery, and cautiously optimistic, as the road is still long and just like Hurricane Sandy's unexpected arrival, anything can happen. So please, continue to intercede for my sweet boy.

Those are certainly the most important things, but I also pray I will be able to get home really soon, I miss those kiddos very much and cannot believe I have not seen them in person in 10 days. I am happy for skype, but it is certainly not the same as holding them close and breathing them in.

Please everyone, stay safe and remember that people are the most important thing. Don't get so caught up in electricity, or batteries, how much bread you have, your opinions, or your fears that you find yourself not putting your family and neighbors first and foremost. I have found a deep sadness of late in the way people treat and accuse each other, smearing the names of good people, seeing Christians being hateful to one another and questioning each others faith and making neighbors defend their faith (and this comes from BOTH sides of the division). I don't think that being so divided and frankly rude to our friends and neighbors is what is seen as favorable in the eyes of God. In reality it is important to remember that nothing is ours and anything we have ever  had was only earned due to the gifts we were given. The Lord is in charge of our possessions and our health. And the Lord gives and the Lord can take it away. Perhaps the timing of this storm should show us that. As unfortunate as this storm may be, it should give us each some perspective, and remind us of what really matters in this life. People!

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