Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loving from the inside

I am sorry if my last blog came across as angry. I am angry I guess, but it isn't directed at anyone and is more a product of my own frustrations.
Today however, I have been blessed with lots of fetal movement. I have a couple of resources on potential second opinions to explore, and I was directed to which rents fetal heart tone monitors to people in my situation, which if that works out, will limit my drives back and forth to my OB.
I feel pretty confident today. I just feel positive and kind of have a peace telling me that its going to be ok. And when the dark places sneak up behind me, I think of next years Christmas card, and I think of little Auguste and soccer and first day of school and all the mommy moments we will share together. Then I feel a kick, like he is willing that as well.
The kids talk to him and tell them they love him, even Emily likes to lay her head on my growing bump, and this morning I took some time to sing to him, and now I am wondering if that might be why he is kicking me. haha.

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